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Who We Are

For more than 30 years, Sperry Group has excelled in the field of plastics in India. Consistently relying on the latest technology, upgrading with high standards of quality control, we have earned a formidable reputation in the wide global network

The activities of the company include compounding solutions and manufacturing of thermoplastics, injection molding machinery, plastic molded components, adhesive and turnkey projects, The strictest standard of solutions are provided by adhering to ERP system throughout the company’s operations.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and we have received several accolades including “Star Export house” and “Outstanding Export Award” from the Government of India.

Our value based products are exported to a large number of countries from our Ten global locations Namely Greater Noida (IND), one plant Chennai (IND), Jammu (IND), Brescia (Italy) and     Hong Kong.

Our Vision

What sets Sperry apart from the rest is the constant attention to quality and  customer satisfaction, both which are the backbone of our company. We don’t just make suppliers and clients, Sperry family considered them as business partners in order to haves decades long relationship.

Sperry group has focuses on customer’s needs by upgrading quality standards by constant innovation. A judicious balance of experience and cutting edge technology create the right recipe for trust and reliability towards Sperry.

We believe to be second to none in the field of manufacturing plastics, polymers and adhesives and constantly work towards innovation in order to be fit for a global market. With these goals in mind, all the endeavors of the company is towards keeping the client’s needs our primary focus.

The desire is to match the client’s objectives and make them our own, move in line with the emerging markets while adhering to the national and international norms and regulations.

Our commitment towards research and innovation is reflected in our cutting-edge machines, equipment and expertise.

Vikram Jain

Managing Director

Our Business Partners