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From more than 30 years, Sperry Group has excelled in the field of plastics in India. Consistently relying on latest technology, up gradation and high standards of quality control, the company has earned a formidable reputation in the wide global network. The company has displayed exceptional expertise in understanding the requirements of fastidious clients worldwide

Our Businesses

Sperry Group has different vertical complimenting each other in order to carter the plastic and polymer industry. The company has displayed exceptional expertise in understanding the requirements of fastidious clients worldwide. It is this concern for quality that has made Sperry the single most significant company of its genre.

Compounding Division

The Thermoplastic Elastomer Division has made its mark on the domestic and foreign market with a team of dedicated leaders with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Thermoplastic Compounding.

Engineering Division

The Engineering division of Sperry Group provides complete range of molding machines and all related solutions This undertakes turnkey projects , which covers molding machines, molds, chillers, robots etc.

Molding Division

The molding division of Sperry Plast limited, is also ventured into molding components for home appliances, white goods and partnering OEM.

EPS Division

At Our state of the art plant of EPS, we mold different components made out of eps (Thermocol) Used in sector of home appliance automatic and electronics and OEM with very high production capacities and quality consistency

Adhesive Division

Wictor SPA is a 65 years old Italian adhesive manufacturer highly trusted in footwear , furniture constrictions and DIY sectors. Wictor was acquired by Sperry Plast in 2012 and is located in Italy Hongkong and India with customer located across the globe.


Our line of technical assistance centre is active 24x7 with full support From our commercial and technical experts with a vast experience and competence

Our Vision

What sets Sperry apart from the rest is the constant attention to quality and  customer satisfaction, both which are the backbone of our company. We don’t just make suppliers and clients, Sperry family considered them as business partners in order to haves decades long relationship.

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